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Maximize Safety, Performance and Profitability

Peregrine offers ‘Continuing Fit for Purpose and Safe Operation’ integrity management programs for the full life cycle of pressure systems, for maximizing safety, performance and profitability while minimizing downtime and liability. We specialize in providing complete inventories and comprehensive integrity assessments of pressure equipment assets.

Non-Destructive Examination

Peregrine Integrity Management offers highly skilled and professional CGSB certified NDE technicians in UT, MT, and PT to complement our in-service inspections for boilers and pressure vessels. Our NDE technicians work in tandem with our inspectors to ensure a complete and exhaustive inspection of your assets with special attention given to critical components. Our NDE technicians train continuously in order to provide the most up to date strategies with regards to inspection of your assets. Our on-going continuous training program ensures our NDE technicians are always on top of the latest industry practices.
Our full line of NDE Services:
UT – Ultrasonic Testing – Flaw detection and thickness, corrosion surveys
MT – Magnetic Particle Testing
PT – Liquid Penetrant Testing
HT – Hardness Testing
FT – Ferrite Testing
RT – Radiography can be arranged upon request
Film Auditing – Our CGSB/ASNT Level 3 technicians are available to assist with Third party Procedure Audits as well as Radiography Film Audits

Inventory & Inspection

For many companies, questions about their pressure equipment inventories are similar to questions about the tin can in the pantry with no label on it. What’s in there? How old is it? Is it safe?

Peregrine Integrity Managements’ certified inspectors are experts in investigation and assessment. Thanks to our industry know-how, we know what to look for and where to find it.

By performing and data-basing a comprehensive inventory and assessment of pressure equipment and facilities, Peregrine Integrity Management helps customers determine their asset values, develop maintenance schedules, and satisfy demands for current, accurate data by government regulators, investors, insurance underwriters and so on.

Compliance & Reporting

The Province of Alberta is the spearhead of a regulatory move that’s being carefully watched by countless jurisdictions around the world. They place full onus on owners of pressure equipment and facilities to responsibly manage their in-service integrity (including hiring their own inspectors, implementing their own maintenance schedules and ensuring full compliance and reporting to regulators).

On your behalf, we will utilize our deep industry knowledge. We have a ‘Certificate of Authorization Issued by ABSA’, which ensures that you will be fully compliant to all government regulations and all required reporting is meticulously performed. This would be advantageous for Loss Control of people, environment, equipment and production.


To maximize the value of your pressure equipment from the outset, Peregrine favours a proactive “life-cycle approach” to equipment integrity management and compliance.

Inspections and assessments are often reactive and problem-focused. Consultation with Peregrine Integrity Managements’ pressure equipment experts starts at the earliest stages of facility designing and construction and continues through the entire equipment lifecycle allowing your company to start safe and stay safe. It is also the best way to establish that data regulators demand for future measurements and assessments.


Our customers have many reasons for choosing Peregrine—the desire to maximize the long-term value of their equipment, to ensure uninterrupted operations, to avoid liability issues. The most important reason, though, is safety-of employees, of the environment, of the company’s reputation for responsibility and integrity.

Peregrine specializes in preservation planning for pressure facilities, helping pressure equipment owners maintain continuing fit-for-purpose and safe operations equipment and establish maintenance schedules to minimize the risks of corrosion, abrasion and other equipment wear and tear. For your company, we can develop a fully customized Integrity Management Program to ensure safe operations through the entire equipment lifecycle.

Re-rating of Vessels in Service

In collaboration with our engineering, Peregrine has had great success in owner/ user repair, alteration and re-rating of pressure equipment. This usually includes an integrity review of the item prior to re-rating and then performing the necessary engineering review with supporting documentation as well as all of the submittal documents required for registration to satisfy regulatory bodies. Upon completion of documentation the on-site work is executed to meet the requirements as applicable to AB-506, 513 and 535 based on the application of API-579/ASME FFS-1 (Fit For Service). This would involve the jurisdictional inspector as required to complete the inspections and signing of documentation.
It can be as seamless and painless as this!

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